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Dear Lancia-lover,

La Lancia, the most authoritative book on the Italian marque every since it was first published in 1980, will be published in a 3rd revised edition in 2006. Following the earlier 1991 update, La Lancia will now cover the full 100 years of Lancia history.

Particular attention is devoted to the various design concepts, including Dialogos, Nea and Fulvietta, which influenced Lancia’s current production models, or will do so in the future. Technical data and production statistics are also part of the extended content of La Lancia. Additional illustrations and information, and the inclusion of a full chapter on Lancia’s commercial vehicle history, increase the total size of this new edition to 496 pages.

So without doubt, La Lancia can be expected to remain the world standard work on one of the most respected and influential manufacturers in motoring history.

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Kind regards,

La Lancia


Visse LANCIA’er er trods alt mere “klassikere” end andre, og til denne kategori hører så absolut Aurelia. Vor formand, Niels, har i mange år ejet en Aurelia GT og da Niels jo er professionel historiker har han nu begået en bog – på engelsk – om Lancia Aurelia. Læs mere her om bogen og bestilling: Lancia Aurelia flyer